Haworthia tessellata

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Haworthia (Haworthia tessellata) - Description

Haworthia tessellata is a species of the genus Haworthia belonging to the family Xanthorrhoeaceae.

Haworthia (Haworthia tessellata) - Blooming

Small, tubular to funnel-shaped flowers are borne from spring to fall.

Haworthia (Haworthia tessellata) - Growth

Perennial succulents. Most species are clump-forming: they offset to form clumps. Grow Haworthia in a site that receives full sun or partial shade, and good ventilation. Haworthias prefer low humidity conditions as well. Also make sure to protect plants from excess moisture in winter. Where Haworthia is not hardy, raise plants indoors as foliage plants in a greenhouse or conservatory. In warmer areas, Haworthia works well outdoors in a trough, raised bed, or in containers.

Haworthia (Haworthia tessellata) - Planting

Sow seeds in spring at 70-75ºF (21-24ºC). Conduct division as well or pot up offsets. It is also possible to propagate soft-leaved species via root leaf cuttings in spring or summer.

Haworthia (Haworthia tessellata) - Pest

Mealybugs and scale insects. Also prone to soft rot caused by fungi and bacteria.

Haworthia (Haworthia tessellata) - Interesting facts

There are around 100 known species in the genus Haworthia, native to lowland and some hillsides of Namibia, Swaziland, Mozambique, and South Africa. The leaves are often covered with small tubercles, or wart-like projections, which are hard to distinguish on some species because they may be fully transparent. Most Haworthias are also completely stemless.

Haworthia (Haworthia tessellata) - Soil and irrigation

Does well in soil that is poor, neutral to alkaline, and sharply draining. Standard cactus potting mix works fine for indoor plants. Water moderately while in growth; keep dry in winter.

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